What is your Authority to transport?

U.S. Prisoner Transport is authorized under U.S. Code title 18, section 3182 Extradition Act. Our officers are authorized to:

  • Take custody of prisoners
  • Transport prisoners
  • House prisoners while en route to their destination

Throughout the transport process, prisoners are held in a safe, secure environment by trained, experienced Transport Officers.

What areas do you service?

U.S. Prisoner Transport moves inmates throughout all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Are U.S. Prison Transport Officers armed during the transportation process?

Yes, all U.S. Prisoner Transport Officers are certified and licensed to carry firearms, in accordance to state law. To ensure the safe and secure transfer of inmates, officers are armed during the transportation process.

Who can become a U.S. Prisoner Transport Officer?

All U.S. Prisoner Transport Officers must meet a strict list of criteria. Each officer must:

  1.  Be a U.S. citizen.
  2. Be at least 22 years of age.
  3. Be a high school graduate or possess a GED. A copy of the diploma is required.
  4. Not have been convicted of a felony.
  5. Not have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral character, false statement, perjury or domestic violence.
  6. Possess a valid Florida drivers License, Class C with Passenger Endorsement.
  7. Have prior law enforcement experience, military experience, or must have no less than one year experience as an armed security officer.
  8. Have not used illegal drugs within the past three years.
  9. Have an honorable discharge if served in the armed forces.
  10. Be certified and posses a class ‘D’ Security Officer License in the state of Florida.
  11. Be certified and possess a valid class ‘G’ Statewide Firearms License in the state of Florida. (A Concealed Weapon Permit will not be recognized.)
  12. Must be able to travel out of state anywhere from one to nine days at a time.
  13. Must have valid DOT physical medical card

All officers must pass a random drug-testing program consistent with guidelines enforced by the Department of Transportation.

Do you offer training for your employees?

All employees undergo a transport officer training program conducted by a U.S Prison Transport training officer.

Our officers are certified in the use of firearms and tasers, or stun guns, and are trained in:

  • Defensive tactics
  • Restraints
  • Officer safety
  • OC spray, also known as pepper spray

This is to ensure safe, efficient and professional transports.

Can any law enforcement agency use your service?

Yes, any official government agency can use the services of U.S. Prison Transport. Discounts may be available, so be sure to inquire about contracts and associated discounts.

Are all prisoners restrained?

All prisoners moved by U.S. Prisoner Transport Agents are moved in full restraints, which include:

  • Waist chains
  • Leg irons
  • Handcuffs

We take appropriate security precautions; our fleet has professionally-built cages with individual security cells that separate juveniles, males and females.

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