Feb 21 2020 uspt News Comments Off on Prisoner Transport Services Becomes an Employee-Owned Company

Nashville, TN – February 21, 2020 Prisoner Transportation Services (PTS), the nation’s largest provider of prisoner extradition services, has announced that it has become a 100% employee-owned company. In a move that’s not common in the prisoner transportation industry, leadership has decided to reward existing and future employees with a stake in the company via the new employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). With this new structure to the organization, PTS hopes to give a voice and added incentives to its …

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Jan 29 2020 uspt News Comments Off on We Care About Our Nation’s Veterans

 American veterans have performed a great service for this country. These real-life heroes have made conscious choices to spend their time protecting the safety of US borders and the millions of people that live here. And while thank you to these men and women is a start at showing gratitude, Prisoner Transportation Services goes above and beyond a “thank you.” Provide Jobs for Veterans According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 326,000 unemployed veterans in the US. One of the …

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Oct 11 2019 uspt News Comments Off on The Benefits of Prisoner Transport Services Volume One: Easing the Burden on Police Departments

Countless people today get their understanding of contracted prison transport services from eye-catching headlines and blockbuster TV shows and films. However, that’s problematic. The various media platforms fail to provide a well-rounded education of the industry, and fail to highlight the positive benefits communities gain as a result of the industry’s work. Furthermore, not much is mentioned of the fact that these benefits are largely provided without incident. As those in society continue to frame prisoner services through a unilateral, and often misinformed lens, a more comprehensive understanding of this market becomes necessary.   Save Law Enforcement Time and Inefficient Use of Personnel   Contracted prisoner transportation services save federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies time. And for …

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Nov 07 2016 uspt News 6,967 Comments

Due to the high demand for our services USPT has just added 6 Ford Transits to our fleet. This brings a total of 35 transport vehicles to our fleet. Ground service is provided with a fleet of Buses and Vans. Each vehicle is equipped with professionally-built transport cells. These cells are designed to provide maximum security, reducing the risk of an escape.

Our New Website

Aug 16 2012 uspt News 219 Comments

U.S. Prisoner Transport is proud to announce their new website today. The site contains more information regarding their prisoner transport services, their team, their fleet and more… all with a cleaner modern design.

Thank You

Aug 16 2012 uspt News 2,438 Comments

USPT would like to thank all the Law Enforcement Agencies for stopping by our booth at the National Sheriff’s Convention. Based in Melbourne, Florida, U.S. Prisoner Transport offers safe and professional prisoner transportation services throughout the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Aug 16 2012 uspt News 3,470 Comments

  U.S. Prisoner Transport Officers are licensed by the State of Florida and are trained to safely and securely move inmates throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.