Prisoner Transport & Extradition Services

U.S. Prisoner Transport specializes in secure prisoner transportation and extradition services to everywhere in the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Available 7 Days a Week

Our inmate transfer services are available 7 days a week—both by ground and air, depending on the option that most efficiently meets your agency’s needs.

Who We Transport

U.S. Prisoner Transport securely transports every type of inmate and at any security level, including:

  • Death row inmates
  • Violent / High-risk inmates
  • Men
  • Women
  • Juvenile
  • Mentally ill inmates

We provide moves for, but not limited to:

• Court appearance
• Release dates
• Form VI
• Warrants

How We Transport

Ground service is provided with a fleet of Buses and Vans. Each vehicle is equipped with professionally-built transport cells that allow secure segregation of males, females, juveniles, violent/high risk or mentally ill inmates. These cells are designed to provide maximum security, reducing the risk of an escape.

If it’s more efficient and cost-effective to transport a prisoner by air, U.S. Prisoner Transport partners with commercial airlines to safely and securely move a prisoner from one location to the next.

Save With Our Cost-Effective, Professional Services

U.S. Prisoner Transport is dedicated to providing your agency with the most cost-effective and professional prisoner transportation available.

By utilizing our services, your agency can increase the amount of prisoners transported by approximately 30% with the same operating budget and keeping your officers where they are needed most.