U.S. Prisoner Transport Officers are licensed by the State of Florida and are trained to safely and securely move inmates throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

All Transport Officers must pass classroom training led by a qualified U.S. Prisoner Transport Training Officer. After successful completion of training, each officer continues to receive additional supervised instruction and evaluation—ensuring the safest, most secure extradition process.

Authority to Transport

U.S. Prisoner Transport is authorized under U.S. Code title 18, section 3182 Extradition Act. Our officers are authorized to:

  • Take custody of prisoners
  • Transport prisoners
  • House prisoners while en route to their destination

Throughout the transport process, prisoners are held in a safe, secure environment by trained, experienced professionals.

Training for Extradition Officers

Officers receive intensive training that includes:

  • Use of restraints and proper technique
  • Prisoner rights and privacy laws
  • Personal and professional conduct
  • Weapon safety
  • Taser and O/C spray
  • Prisoner searches
  • Handling of prisoners (including death row inmates, males, females and juveniles)
  • Officer and general public safety
  • Understanding use of excessive force
  • Use of GPS devices
  • Medical emergency plans and procedures/CPR
  • Safe vehicle operation
  • U.S. Prisoner Transport Policies and Procedures
  • PREA (Prisoner Rape Elimination Act)

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